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Still waiting for response

On the 22 June 2013 I logged this report: After my laptop crashed I wanted to install my win8 pro on my other laptop, because it is still activated on the crashed laptop, it won't activate on the other. This is understandable. However, after numerous attempts to sort this out through Answertech, it is still not resolved. I have ...

Cathay Pacific Airways
Change of booking

I booked a return flight with Cathay Pacific from Johannesburg to Taipei on 7 July 2013. The cost of the flight was nearly R12 000. I changed my booking for a return flight from Johannesburg to Hanoi for the 5th of July 2013. The flight to Hanoi is only R8 900. Even though there is such a huge difference Cathay Pacific still ...

Nutra Burn 10
Natra burn is rubbish

I ordered the 2 bottles with one free but got charged for more than 3 and more than advertised. I then got email saying have left and be by me within the week, never happened I phoned and they said delayed in sa but will get by last Friday never happened, now going for a refund ...

Super After Sales Service

My printer started printing blank pages a few weeks ago, I searched the net and tired every recommended 'fix' but nothing worked. I eventually called the Lexmark National Sharecall number and was put through to a very helpful man, Marvin. He walked me through the process to assess the problem and in the end the problem was with ...