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Big Seo Pro
BIGSEOPRO is saving my business!

I am a young business woman, internet entrepreneur and my business &Gadgets is 100% web based. As many online businesses, a big chunk of our marketing has always been invested in SEO in the hope to get that elusive pole position on Google, Bing and other big search engines. If there is one thing that is hard measure ...

Nutra Burn 10
Butr-burn 10

I ordered this product online and i was supposed to be charged R289.00 x 2 = R578.00 with free shipping and one free bottle. I got charged R1533.92 on my credit card! This is a hoax and i am sooo angry!!! I called the call centre and the lady got all my details and when she supposedly went to check why i got deducted so much, ...

Kona World
Distributor adds 30% on deal

We had a very bad Kona experience. My son did research for months on the bicycle he wanted and decided on a Kona Entourage. We googled where to get Kona in South Africa and was directed to a dealer in Durban. He quoted us, we accepted the quote, and offered to pay the deposit. Two weeks later the dealer came back to say that ...

Awesome Service!

I had an issue with some Falke socks I bought. Anton and his team contacted me via email and then phone to discuss and replacement items were immediately sent. Furthermore a representative picked up the goods there was an issue with from my office. This showed me that Falke is a company that is committed to delivering quality ...

Outlook's e-mail service

I had a few hickups since this new 'thing' was forced upon us, but they sorted most of them out and I gave the the benefit of the doubt since I saw it as growing pains, but now I receive all sorts of dangerous Junk Mail in my ordinary INBOX! I simply can't find a way to contact Please help! ...