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BMW South Africa
Bad Service on a Simple Request

On 19 March, I took my car in to Cedar Isle BMW get a fog light replaced as it had fallen in. I was told that I would have to pay for it as it is not covered by the warranty. I queried this as my car is only 6 months old and was told that I must have damaged the car. To date, nobody has been able to show me where or how I have ...

Unauthorised Billing

I signed up for a 1 month free trial. After it had finished I received a message from my bank telling me that I was being billed by LinkedIn. I never agreed to, nor did I want a premium subscription. I find it incredibly unethical that a company can automatically withdraw payment from you account without your explicit consent. ...

Air Mauritius Sa
Ridiculous Baggage Terms

I am using Air Mauritius to travel to Mauritius. Because of personnel circumstances I need to travel business class. I am happy to pay the quoted amount. Business travelers are allowed the following checked baggage allowance: Business Class 30 Kg maximum weight is 32 kg and the dimensions (length width height) should not exceed ...

Yahoo doesnt care about customers

I have been using my yahoo account for years since school. I remember my login password but not my security question and my alternative email is no longer in service. Now i cant login because the server insists that i must answer the security question wich i forgot the correct answer. I sent so many emails for help becuase ...