City: St Augustine
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Incorrect discharge instructions

On the 05/06/2014 my husband had his gallbladder removed by DR DU TOIT. On the day of discharge[06/06/2014] before we left the ward both my husband & I asked the nurses @ the nurses station on surgical ward 3 when could we remove the bandages on his stomach which is where he had surgery & if we could get the surgical sites wet? ...

Administrative injustice

We called into St Augustine's Hospital on 6 February 2015 as my husband was bitten by a dog. Thusfar we only received one bill which has been settled by our medical aid. That was until today when we received a 45 DAY OVERDUE NOTICE from Shamima Amod at Netcare St Augustines, which number one we never received a copy of and ...

On Time Moving & Storage
Buyer Beware

I am writing this complaint on behalf of my 83 year old Mother. I picked On Time Moving from other moving companies in the area due to a certain office person Bobby who contacted me after making an inquiry on-line for moving estimates. I made an appointment and met with Trad Raven, He came out and gave us an estimate for a ...