City: Standerton
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Bad service on upgrade on damaged phone

I upgraded my contract at Standerton Vodacom shop on 25/11/2014 and got a new cat phone with the upgrade. The phone did not work and kept switching off by it self. I took the phone back on 01/12/2014 and told them the problem with the phone. The shop send the phone to the repairs with a OBF to have it replaced if the problem is ...

Pvr services not working

I am a new dstv subscriber, and i have a pvr, however my pvr decoder does not save any programs that i record, i can not open box office, i can not open my tv guide. I am paying the full subscription but am not getting the services that i am paying for. I have called the call centre numerous times but they keep telling me that ...

Image Girl Photography
Lack of professionalism

I went on a photoshoot and I was promised by the owner that I will receive my pictures on the 22 December 2014 and the owner Rene could not deliver on time. When I finally received my pictures on the 31 December, I raised some concerns politely. She answered rudely via email and I sent back an email alarmed at the lack of ...