City: Stone Mountain
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Damaged irrigation system

The TruGreen that service my lawn is located at 4060 Bay Creek Church Rd. Loganville, Ga. 30052 and their phone number is 770-225-1770. TruGreen aerated my yard on 05/28/15. When I signed up for treatment, I was told we would get 2 to 3 days notice to mark irrigation head so there would be no damages. We didn't get a phone ...

3hour wait on tow

I caught a flat tire yesterday around 5p. Requested road side assistance at 615p on 6/14/15. Did not realize i only had 7 miles of towing. I canceled to locate a 24hr tire shop. At 656p I rescheduled for tow service to take me to the shop. Estimated time of arrival 756p. They did not show. Another tow company was dispatched. ...

AT&T Wireless is full of

They don't want to make payment arrangements with the customer which results in a disconnection and an additional $40 added to reinstate from being suspended. I missed my payment arrangement by 2 days because they were suppose to send me a text and did not, they told me I had to pay the entire bill. I told them I never got the ...

Kroger - Disrespectful by manager and staff

Try to complain to manager regarding one of her staff she did not find it necessary to listen to what I have to lell her. The minute I told her that the store is go down hill, she walk away and proced to push empty carts from inside the store into the holding area. She was on the phone I did not realize it at first I taught she ...