City: Sundowne
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Back up generator running continuously

There is a MTN tower located next to the complex I live in. During loadshedding, the back up generator is switched on. However, it is not switched off again after power has been restored. Also the generator is run past 6pm (sometimes throughout the night) and produces an exorbitant amount of noise. It is definitely more than 6 ...

Too slow to run a business

Dear Telkom, I am so frustrated with lack of infrastructure in your network. We have been long time customers for both my homes and my business. We have recently upgraded to a 10mbps ADSL line and the results of a speed test shows that this is a huge waste of money. I called an IT Technician to confirm that the problem is ...

Shocking customer service from Telkom

Moved house. New location still under Telkom network coverage for my 3G contract but I get ZERO coverage. I did manual search of networks as per the call centre guidance and it picks up every other network besides Telkom! Logged ticket on 1 January 2015. It is now 12 January 2015. No technician has been to my place, numerous ...

Yim Siam Thai Spa
Voucher not honoured

I recently purchased a voucher for R250 from a marketing company in one of the Pick and Pay stores for Yim Siam Thai Spa in Sundowner. On phoning this spa company they tell me that the voucher is not valid as the marketing company they used have not paid the spa their money. They have acknowledged that they hired the company ...