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I bought a dress for $30 that looked really nice online. When it arrived, the quality looked about $2. The fabric was so thin and cheap, the photos were manipulated to make it look as though it was something you could wear to work. I wouldn't wear this to clean the house. Then when you try to submit a request for a refund, the ...

Southern Phone
Money wasters

I could never bring myself to subscribe with a company that wastes so much money with unsolicited snail mail. Not a week passes that my mailbox does not recieve at least one unwanted missive from them. They go straight to my recycle bin. I am not sure why you want a minimum of 100 words for this review - when i can say what I ...

17 day tour of China i May 2015.

I am 70 years of age, live in australia, first time tour of china. The big sopprise ofthe trip was china, ii's people plus what they have done in 40 years is mind bending, please do yourself a good turn tour china. The biggest supprise above all was the servics givento our tour group by gate one, 5 star in every way. Had ...