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Telkom credit card airtime purchase

Good Day, Why is the minimum limit R50 via your website airtime credit card purchase? On the Vodacom website their minimum purchase is R12. Can this matter be looked into and the minimum be lowered to R12 to cater for lower end prepaid subscribers as I only buy my daughter the minimum amount as I ported her Vodacom number over ...

Account not closed

A Telkom Mobile Account was opened in my name. I have gone to the police to get an signed affidavit and went to the Greenstone store to send all my documents to the legal department. The store clerk informed me that the documents had been faxed successfully. I subsequently received another statement and phoned only to be ...

One month later and no final answe

At the start of February 2015 I was due for an upgrade on my current Telkom mobile contract. I went into the store, and was seen by a consultant. I was told that the phone that I requested was out of stock and that they may have to order. A few minutes later I was told that they do have one in their stock room and that I could ...

Adsl issue fixed over the phone

My client moved to a new premises and telkom moved the lines, but the so called technicians didnt do their job properly they connected the ADSL with the PABX system. So that caused the internet to sinc at a slower speed and the Internet will drop when one tries to call out. Thank the LORD that Dirk Korporaal answered my call ...

Take your money and dont supply goods

I applied for a contract on Telkom mobiles site, I had to send through 4 requests before some one called. (this should have been a clear sign of things to come) eventually I did the process telephonically and was told the application will be processed, a week later and no call or follow up so I email them and no response. I ...