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Odenza Homes (West)
Odenza Homes (West) Never again

Odenza Homes (Now Odenza Homes West) Pros: Web site, marketing, final look to their homes, impressive designer Cons: poor communication, sloppy administration, schedule and budget overruns, over worked staff In 2010, when we decided to build our home, we had contemplated doing the general contracting ourselves but decided it ...

Aslam Mohamed Halim
Business Financing Scammer

Aslam Halim runs a “financing” business involved with seeking out businesses that are looking for capital but are not able to access financing through regular channels. His method of operation is to request an advance fee for providing the financing but the financing never arrives. The advance fee ranges from USD$50,000 up to ...

Working Opportunity Fund (EVCC) Ltd.
Working Opportunity Fund, EVCC, Ltd. Beware when investing in the Working Opportunity Fund BC

Working Opportunity Fund is a nightmare! Before you Invest in the Growthworks Working Opportunity Fund you should re-consider. Our "Investment Advisor" recommended this to us several years back as a great prerforming investment with an extra tax credit reality - I believe he was lookng our for his own commission! Yes ...