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Documents send to wrong branch

After settling my final payment for my vehichle finance, I requested my vehicle registration papers to be delivered to the branch in Bellville where I applied for this finance. And then ABSA delivers this document to another branch and not the one I requested. You are wasting my time, having to stand in a queu and then: NO ...

Standard Bank
No registration documents!

I paid my car's last installment during July 2014. No registration documents has been received this far! I made contact with Mbusi Ngcobo | Post Write Off | VAF Recoveries Outsource | Standard Bank of SA LTD | Life Centre Building | 15th Floor | 45 Commissioner Street | Johannesburg 2001 | 27 11 227 5305 | | 7:27 86 623 4529 - ...

Absa taking advantage and ripping us off

Last year my mother was in arrears with her vehicle payments bcos Absa refused to refinanced her residual, which was something we expected would happen. A couple months later the car was repossessed and we were told the figure to get the car back was R53000, R10000 more than the original amount. When I asked what was the cause ...

Application for Vehicle Finance

I was quite shocked when I applied for vehicle finance and it was declined due to an old ABSA Personal Loan I had way back in 2011. This loan was subsequently repaid in May 2013. All my applications with various institutions declined my application due to this error on ABSA's part. When I queried this, (there were no reference ...


I Bought a Toyota Camry for R180 000 in 2006. Wesbank then added interest and the total cost was R244 000. End 2007 I lost my job, my house was reposessed. I then joined debt review. Wesbank then said I must repay R80 000 to square off the debt. I maintained the payments untill the R80 000 was paid off. I was unfortunately ...