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Do not order!

After calling to try it out I realized after I gave them my information early in the conversation. I initially explained that I was not going to give my info right away because I only wanted what was advertised. I was told that they have protocol and have to go screen per screen and was promised that I would not have to order ...

Check declined

I have a special retirement trust and for any expenses they have to be paid for by check. My check was denied at Home Depot. Upon speaking with Telecheck and explaining I am renovating an apartment and need new carpet, appliances etc. They told me to go back in 7 days and buy something small. What? Like $5? How am I ever ...

Probioslim Unauthorized charges

I was suckered into the trial as well. I was promised they would only charge shipping. NO mention was made of an Autoship program. Then I saw the charge for $74.98 on my card. I IMMEDIATELY called my bank and was told that I would have to call the company to cancel. So I called the number from the order confirmation email. I ...

Coventry Health Care
Absolute Misrepresentation

I signed up with Coventry (and should have taken Cobra... Which would have been cheaper). I asked so many questions and was assured my coverage would be what I was looking for. NOT ONE CLAIM HAS BEEN PAID... Not one. I paid them close to $6,000 and they have the most ridiculous clauses... My husband had a mole looked at, they ...