City: Victoria
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They scammed my mother!

My mother was offered to fill out a survey to receive a 'free' prize. Little did she know that she was actually being charged for this 'prize'. The survey DID NOT mention this anywhere on it! She now owes them hundreds of dollars! The worst part was, they sent a fake 'dear customer' email pretending to be her cable company! ...

Total Ripoff

I did not realize that I would be charged full price a week after receiving the product. My mistake, I should have read the fine print. I have been using both the eye and face serums religiously for six weeks and there is absolutely no improvement in the appearance of my skin. After receiving my credit card bill and carefully ...

Julep has poor business practices

The same thing has happened to me that has happened to many. I ordered one month of a subscription as a special "Spring Box" promotion. After searching online for their options to cancel the subscription I couldn't find anything, so I stupidly assumed that it must not have been a subscription and was simply a one time thing. I ...

Forever Flawless

I was approached by one of those really aggressive women at a mall. I was hooked, a bit, until she said one thing. She said "our product does not include SPF. SPF is very, very bad for you and we put in tea tree oil instead". Ummmmm SPF is not an ingredient... It's an acronym for Sun Protection From... So I walked away. Glad ...

Asked for sample-got full size bottle

I asked hydroderm for a sample of their product so I could try it.instead I received a full size bottle and was charge for it on my visa bill. I did ask them to stop sending me their product via email but I am still receiving it periodically resulting in money being charged to my visa bill. I am calling them today but this is ...

Rac Acceptance
Over Paying and Won't Pick Up!

Been paying on this furniture for almost 2 years. I thought I was almost done and found out I still have 18 months. What??? I told them to come and pick it up. This was the end of May. They scheduled a pick up for Tuesday, no show. I called to find out why and "Oh the truck is full. They'll be back on Thursday." Can't give me a ...