City: Wakefield
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Spring Air Mattress
Horrible receptionist

I called to see if they would be interested in any signage such as trade show graphics banners etc. Like the big ones hanging on the outlet. She was so rude in her response. She practically hung up as I was in mid sentence. It must have escaped her that there is a Spring Air outlet Across the street from her Chelsea HQ ...

Twinkledeals NO NO NO NO

Stupidly clicked their webpage via FB, saw a good deal. Purchased 2 items, $ taken out of account so fast. Then viewed consumer reviews. Didn't like what I read so I created a ticket asking for a refund before they could even ship it to me with in 10 minutes, NO LIE. Their response an hour later, sorry but we have shipped. Now ...

Scam The worst I have ever seen

Customer service is the worst. They were charging me for 50-80 calls a month for calls that had nothing to do with my buisness. They changed my original contract. Called and tried to talk to the investigations department, the customer department would not connect me to them. The only time i got to talk to them is when they ...