City: Washington
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Incompetent FEdEx

A package was supposed to be delivered and I had electronically signed that they can drop off package without my signature. The driver completly ignores that request, tries to deliver when I am not there. I call the FedEx office and they say they will give me an ETA when the driver will be there, the driver never contacts the ...

The worst experience ive ever had

This company is rediculous and i hope it gets investigated for terrible practices. The material is pathetic i ordered a suit and the fabric was paper thin. Stitching was very flawed and their idea of "regular fit" pants is sooooooo off. The pants hugged my legs like they were a super slim fit. They told me send them pictures ...

Terrible experience with Megabus

On Monday, June 21,2015, I was going to NYC the 5:30 P.M. Bus was late, once it arrived and we loaded on the bus, the bus driver never made an introduction, the ride to NY was horrible, very bumpy, the seat next to me was broken, there was no trash bags for trash, once we arrive in NYC at 10:30 P.M. There was no one to unload ...