City: Waterfront
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Ferryman's Tavern
Salty Prostitutes

Visited this place Monday 23-02-2015 @ 20:45 for the second time in three weeks. Issues to complain about: Pork eisbein was extremely salty (inedible); Complain to waiter but only received a smirk response with no follow up from him; Prostitutes are allowed to openly solicit for business whilst customers are eating. Where are ...

Disgusted and misinformed

I bought a handset from Cna in December 2014, now the handset has been damaged, I went to the store to get it booked in for repairs, the sales consultant which sold it to me by the name of Thando was there. He assured me that it would be repaired but i would have to pay seeing that it was physically damaged. But only to get an ...