City: West Chester Township
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Pottery Barn
Misleading, poor quality, poor delivery

I ordered a leather chair from one of the stores. I specifically asked where it was made, was told all upholstered furniture is made in North Carolina. Received the chair after six weeks. Made in CHINA!!! Poor quality, not at all what I saw in the store. Trying to return it is a pain since I need to good out and find a box big ...

Poor corporate store customer service

My new phone of only 8 months would not turn on. I took it to the corporate store in Springdale Ohio 45246. They said nothing could be done and I would have to call customer service. I would be without a phone, so I was forced to buy a cheaper Smart Phone, which they did not tell me it was a prepaid phone. It cost me $129.00. ...

Travelers Advantage
Absolutely a scam!

I signed up for travel advantage to get my free travel voucher. The lady I spoke to even told me I could cancel right away. So I got my voucher, used it, and canceled. Well then they signed me up for Shoppers Advantage even though I told them No I wasn't interested. I come to find out that they have been charging my account ...