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Sears Home Services
Air Conditione

Worst warranty company period. After they send a technician from an A/C company they recommend... Usually 2 days later, the technician has to shop and price out the cheapest replacement parts... Then get approval from the warranty company then reschedule to come back out and hopefully install and fix. This process takes over a ...

Checkers & Checkers Hypers
Mango Booking

On 27 February 2015, I stood in the line for 20 minutes to purchase an mango airline ticket. When it was my turn, I was duly informed that my drivers licence can not be used for the booking. I queried this since the airline accepts the drivers licence. I was then informed that they been the front line, they need the ID, then ...

Dairyland Insurance
Insurance, you cant use.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident. While breaking for a stop sign, I lost traction and went down. Adjustor came out took photos and said check will be in the mail, go get the bike fixed. I received the check, took the bike to the shop. Days later I find out, THEY STOPPED PAYMENT ON THE CHECK! Im still trying to get my ...

ADT Issues

We had a scheduled upgrade a few weeks ago and the installer called few hours beforehand the day of to say he had to cancel. So we rescheduled for 1/22/15 for the window 5-8pm. So 1/22/15 comes and now again it is now almost 9pm and nobody calls or shows. We tried calling for a status update and after waiting on hold for 40 ...

Samsung tab s 8.4

Vodacom advertised the tab s 8.4 on contract for 229 this was also advertised by Cellu City and Chatz cellular when i applied for the contract i was approved the next day but said the tablet was Discontinued. When i phoned Cellu city and Chatz they also told me the same thing that Samsung has discontinued the Tablet. I asked ...