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Ceva Logistics
Not On Time!

My Furniture Delivery was scheduled on 3/9 btwn 10am to 2pm. My son has a game at 2pm that I knew If anything I'll probably be a couple of minutes late and I have a surprise Birthday Party planned for my husband at 5pm so I'm steady awaiting the arrival of my delivery. At 2:05pm I called to find out the status of my delivery ...

QingZhen Halal Chinese Restaurant

Greezy unhealthly stale food was put in the buffet. Nothing chinese here, just added salty soy sauce on everthing. Walked out off this trap but bill came with added tip. Bunch of jokers. Protect your & your's children's health. I won't go there even they give free food/junk. May be okay for someone can abuse their own body by ...

Poor Management

The Boise bus station announces that we are lining up for my bus and to line up with ticket in hand. I line up, with ticket in hand, the driver takes the first person in line, boards her, then closes the door and LEAVES! People wonder why this country is going downhill, well there you go people. Keep up the good work greyhound ...

Broken Necklace

I ordered a sterling silver name necklace, but it arrived broken. The chain was also kinked. I immediately emailed for resolution. However, 3 weeks later, still no response! On top of that, they don't tell you that they're an international company. I was blind-sided by "international fees" being debited from ...