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Hahn Transportation
Hahn Transportation Drive

On 11/21/11, I was driving (on the #3 lane) to work Eastbound on Route 140 driving along side a Hahn semi truck (tanker #1207). Route 140 is a three lane street until you cross Old Baltimore Road, then the street merges and becomes a two-lane road. When I turned on my directional to try get into the #2 lane, the Hahn trucker ...

7 Eleven
Threatened by store clerk

A friend and i visited 7-11 on teh morning of 7/11/11 @ 1:30am, and asked the clerk would any more chicken fingers be made tonight. He ignored and began scanning other items we were purchasing. When asked again he pushed our things to the side and asked to help the next. When asked again he said "when somebody gets to it" ...