City: Windsor Mill
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This company is a scam "riddex"

This company is nothing more then a scamm I attempted to place an order for this product at a cost of $29.95 S/H. Before i could aggree with the order the order just went through in the amount of $105.55. IMMED i got a confirmation to which i replied i do not want the item and would like it canceled. I Called the next day to ...

Other Company
They called me a.

I felt very very insulted when answering the phone and in the background could hear a lot of cussing. Was told I would get a $1000.00 gift certificate for answering a survey. I politely told them I was not interested. Said I was sorry but not interested. She got mad, didn't hang up the phone right away. I proceeded to hear her ...

The Roomstore
Room Store Unauthorized Credit Charges

Room stored charges consumers unauthorized credit charges, multiple deferred charges. They mislead you on sales of 70% off on stocked merchandise, then bill you for not having delivered furniture and do not tell you the truth abouth promoional sales, instead double trible charge your account. I reported them, I called them, ...

Encompass Insurance
Never again

I owned two homes a car and figured I'd get a quote, and it was less than what I was paying at the time so I went for it. I was being CHEAP. And I paid for it, the quote increase AFTER the other policies were cancelled, and like the others stated, you went through it to terminate the policies. I was lucky enough that one of ...