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Easy Saver Rewards
Misleading by radio station

The radio stations should let their listeners know that in order to get the "free shippin/$15.00 rebate" from the ProFlowers order that you are signing up for EasySaver rewards that will auto deduct money from your account. The flowers are a good deal until they add all the other charges on to it. Yes, my mom is worth it, but ...

Maria Duval
Maria duval

WoW this lady has trick many people. I first heard about her when my mom got this ring of re from her after sending $20. And good thing I did because I care about my parents and I dont want anything happening to them. I read the letter that came with the ring that was full of. I think they send the same letter and just put the ...

United Cash Loans
Unitedcashloans scam

Igot a $200 loan and tried to pay it off but couldn't contact return I now have $195 nsf charges where they continously are charging at different rates. I can't get any satisfaction in disputing with a computer! My bank says the only resolution is to pay this then to close-out my account. So I am out over $400 because ...