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Ultra Shield
Can't even get them to call me back

We bought the Ultra-Shield insurance for the fabric on our couch. We've had it for three years, and the fabric is basically just falling apart. First thing I did was called the furniture store. They gave me the number for Ultra Shied. I have been calling and calling. First I'm on hold for a few minutes. Then the voice mail ...

Scammed by seterus and fannie mae

When I went to pay my mortgage payment in June of 2014, Seterus refused to take my payment. After listening to nothing but lies, I was told to send my payments to the payment center in California. Seterus assured me that everything would be just fine and, after I received the money orders back from LA, to call and they would ...

Mattress Firm
Third mattress in 18 months!

We're on our third mattress from Mattress Firm in less than 18 months. Customer Service hasn't been our problem, (they're nice, but not very knowledgeable), it's the poor quality of the beds. My husband and I are healthy people, yet the first 2 beds caused severe back pain for me while sleeping. The pain would go away less ...