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Bank Of America
Simple Review #1402233484

I have paid my mortgage payment on time. Bank of America is still reporting that my last payment was paid Sept of last year and refuse to update all credit reports. By bank of America not updating my report my credit score is ruined. Plus, I found out they did some paper work about my mortgage saying it was something else and ...

Tgi Fridays
Terrible service and food

I must eat gluten and dairy free, so i asked for menu. When i asked for just chicken and not mashed potatoes (milk, butter) waitress said dont think so, but did not ask. So i ordered hamburger, no bun, wedge salad no cheese. Got the bun, got the salad... Wrong. Asked for new salad and silverware for us both. 20 minutes for ...

Worst Customer Service EVER!

I have never had good service at Ulta. The so-called beauty advisors are anything but, and know nothing about the products or about beauty. They are always huddled together engaged in a conversation and make you feel as though you are an inconvenience. I just left there this evening, and swore that this will be the last time ...