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Epair centre useless

We took a samsung tv in, that we bought an extended warranty for. It had a long line down the screen. It took over a month for them to decide that the supplier won't do something with it and that they would fix it (this was only after we fought with them over the phone, we are sure they did nothing before this). It took another ...

Woolworths South Africa
Off food

I went with a friend to the store yesterday and she bought chicken fillets which the freeze by 26.02.2015. When she got home the meat has off already with a very bad smell. Come to think of it this store sells this that are either best by the same day or the following day. We always buy from them, midrand and comaro. From the ...

Terrible service

So let me start off by saying I have been a customer for almost 4 years and I have 2 running contracts with mtn. I went earlier this week to mtn woodmead to open a new contract. I was told that the phone I wanted was out of stock, and then told that the iphone 6 WAS IN STOCK. So I then opened another contract for the iphone 6 ...