City: Yonkers
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Microcenter - Micro Cente

On 1/2/11 I purchased a ATI video card from the Micro Center store in Yonkers, NY. I was provide with the extra receipts to submit for a $20.00 rebate. The instructions on the receipt provided an offer code and directions to a web site (his. On 1/22/11 I went to the website but found the code and video card not ...

Marks Time
Clock repair paid for not made

My clock needed repair for going unusually fast (gaining 2-3- hours a week). The owner of Mark's Time said he would make repairs for [about] $225, to be picked up in a couple of weeks. I did so. There was no apparent difference in the clock and I returned it with that comment and the proprietor said he would have it fixed. On ...

La Fitness
Sexual harassment

Several women personal trainers working at farmingdale la fitness have touched my "accidently" while pretending to "train me ". I spoke to the head trainer, ron shaw, and he told me this was " nothing that i should be complaining about " and asked me if i was. When i told him i was unsure of my sexual preference he laughed at ...

Guy can't ring the fing door bell!

I was waiting for my package the entire day, even took a day off! So i was waiting for 3 packages. One from fedex and the other two from amazon. I hear a doorbell ring and the guy from fedex was at my door. I was like one package down two to go. 30 minutes later, I check my email and find out that my packages were delivered ...