City: Yonkers
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Merchant Lynx Services
Merchant Lynx Thieves

Do NOT sign up with them, do Not even let one of their lyeing Salesman in your door. I have been in business for 32 years And never met bigger liar than Mike Lindenman, their salesman In Westchester county, New York. If you want more details about This company and their dishonest practices you can email me at ...

Advertised false product results

You tv ad was misleading to the public. I used two riddex plus products and still had pests in my home. I would like to know who tested this product and on when pest! Good money down the drain. I should have realized any product advertised to be this good would fall way short of their potential. Now that I have these two ...

Prime America
Different type of Ponzi scam

Prime America tried to get my teenaged daughter with promise of financial gain with hard work. My daughter is a college student seeking summer employment. When I was advised of this by my daughter who added she needed $200.00 to start I knew something was not right. You should never have to pay any one for work. I ...