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Bottle your

This is the worst company ever. They sent me labels with the wrong birthday and then in order to correct their error they mandated that I repay for the labels. I spent several hours looking for a company that would provide the best deal, then they wanted me to pay extra for their error, which would defeat my primary purpose. I ...

Cvs Pharmacy
Incompetent Photo Service

This was a nightmare from the moment I first picked up my film to the unresolved end. Upon examining the prints at home, I discovered I had been given the wrong prints. Bringing the prints back, and finally getting the correct ones, there was an additional problem with the sizes of the prints. My camera has 3 different ...

Wirefly is rip-off

I have now used Wirefly twice to purchase cell phone contracts (more fool me), suckered in by their "free phone" offer. Not only do they make their stipulations for redeeming the rebate virtually impossible (e. G. Send a copy of the bill not less than 150 days but no more than 180 days after the phone has been activated etc.) ...