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Pulane suping

Hy my name is pulane today when i go to the bank i found that rcss deducted 1000 in my account without my permission what is this even if i own them they had no right to go through my account without my permission i will definitely change the bank what is this ...

SA Post Office
Does anyone work at the Tshwane Hub?

I have had and URGENT registered letter (RD711 807 239ZA) sitting at the Tshwane Hub for three days. There has been no movement AT ALL, there might as well be a strike on for the amount of work that is being done there. I also have another registered letter (RC074 483 985ZA) which has been at the Tshwane Hub for two days. WHAT ...

SA Post Office
International Parcel Gone Missing

Dear Sir / Madam I order electronic goods from a supplier on the 28 made the biggest mistake shipping via SA Post office. The parcel was cleared on the 05/01/2015 and sent to Tshwane Hub but since then, no one can tell me where my parcel is. I don't know if it possible to open a case of at the south African police as i have ...

City of Tshwane Municipality
Poor service

On monday our power went off after searching for the problem it was foundbon the box outside the feeder wire melted and the switch got fried as they say. So we reported it then on wednesday the came to our complex but didnt even come in turn and left the security called us to let them in everything, we have 2 small kids and are ...