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Failure to Refund

I paid for good to be delivered to me sometime in August 2014, the wrongs goods were sent in september 2014 which i immediately sent back, they asked me to send proof of postage which i did, to date my account has not been credited and they keep saying they are still tracking them ...

Standard Bank
Please Help

Two months ago I applied for a three-month repayment relief for my vehicle account at standard bank. I spoke to a standard bank consultant by phone who, after hearing my matter confirmed that I would be assisted accordingly. Shirley Singh attended to my request and confirmed the above and requested I submit some documents which ...

Adt Security
ADT - Alarm not functioning

My alarm was installed by a ADT approved installer. Our request was simple - Make it pet friendly. The alarm is constantly going off, moments after we left the house. Certain sensors doesn't work properly and someone actually walked up to my front door without any alarm response. When I phoned ADT to complaint about the ...

Diggers Inn
Money to be refunded

I slept at Diggers Inn 3 weeks ago. I initially opted for 2 days but had to come back to SA after 1 day. The management promised that they will be refund me my cash as they didnt have cash then. Its been three weeks and I havent been refunded I am so sad Can i just be paid ...

Just PAY us, we will not receipt you

I received my bill from Ampath and paid immediately, on 15 January. I need a receipt to send to my medical aid to be reimbursed. I have emailed Ampath FIVE times, I have phoned their accounts department with no luck, I have phoned their head office that was not allowed to put me through to any other department except the ...