Country: New Zealand
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First National Bank
Incompetence Galore

I have been unable to reach anyone at FNB to help/assist/direct me to close my FNB account in South Africa and transfer the funds to my New Zealand bank account. I am now a New Zealand citizen and have been living in New Zealand for the last 10 years. I updated my details with my FNB branch four years ago and they are fully ...

King Price Insurance
Policy still not cancelled

I have cancelled my policy with them 4 times now. I have mailed them 2 times to the enquiry email on 23/01/2015 and again on King Price's website. L, once I mailed Tumi (08/01/2015 on 9:49) who communicated with me at that time about the cancellation and I have phoned in also and spoke to a lady to cancel this policy. I have ...

Sabc Tv Licence
SABC refuse to cancel my TV License

Every year I get a bill from the SABC to pay a SABC tv license even though I have not lived or even visited South Africa since 2007. I am now a citizen of New Zealand, and expect the SABC to cancel my TV license ASAP. When I emigrated to NZ in 2007, I supplied SABC with all the details they requested. As I am no longer a ...

Eing billed incorrectly

I moved from South Africa to new Zealand on the 23rd December... I'm being billed for my handset (which I don't mind it's on contract) but also being billed for calls... I never made... I send a mail to Marion and she's telling me the calls I'm being billed for is for 01.02.2014. Omw... How can that be, a year later!!! I'm in ...

Capitec Bank
No reply from query

Hi there, This is the 3rd time that I had to resort to hello peter to get an answer from Capitec Bank. I have transferred money from New Zealand on the 12th of Jan to my Capitec Account, mailed to enquire if they have received any money as it is past the 5-7 working days stipulated for money to clear. I have not received any ...