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Faulty Fridge - No Help

Sears Refrigerator Timeline 08/27/2021 – Ordered refrigerator online at Order # 910057802 09/17/2021 – Refrigerator Delivered 10/10/2021 – Came home to refrigerator not working and all food thawed out. 10/10/2021 – Contacted Sears for replacement and they wanted to send a technician to look at the refrigerator. ...

Jay Vaughn
Frys at Stapley & McKellips

Every month my Pain Specialist calls in my prescription for refill. They will not fill it one day early, I understand that. I run out the night before the due date for refill. I must take it when I get up in the morning, but of course I am out. Here it is 2 pm on Sunday and I still do not have it. They close at 5 pm and told me ...

Debby Spice
Red heart super saver yarn

I have been crocheting for quite a long time. I am a 67 year old and my Grandmother got me crocheting when I was very young. I have used red heart super saver for many of those years. I have been happy with the yarn 90 percent of the time. However I recently purchased several skeins of yarn this winter season. I have a large ...