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Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Think Computer Corp, Think Computers, Aaron Greenspan Horrendous Attempt to Profit from Sensitive and Private Information!

This is reposted from ripoffreport. Do a ripoffreport search for and you will see all the complaints. This guy Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a 33 year old ASSHOLE!! AARON GREENSPAN IS AN INTERNET SCAM ARTIST! Below is a repost: Sick attempt by Aaron Jacob Greenspan, the owner of the website to ...

Walmart Pharmacy Ft. Wright ky
Terrible employees

The employees at Walmart supercenter pharmacy are rude, hateful, not helpful, and thinks THEY have the right to control Ur health and medicine. Christina is one of the pharmacists who screwed up my baby's medicine and refused to fill it. Just flat out refused and they kept lying and saying that the doc denied it so I called the ...

Esta Bernstein
Horse sanctuary scammer

She runs a horse sanctuary in the Los Angeles area only to support her own 3 horses, 2 of which she bred. Her sanctuary is Saffyre Sanctuary. She has no job, will not work and is constantly begging people to give money to "save the horses. She is not willing to adopt out a few that she has as they are her only source of income. ...