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Hopkinsway PLLC Fraudulent and Dishonest Attorneys Edward C.Hopkins Jr and Alexandra V. Tracy-Ramirez
Litigation Fraud, Dishonesty to Colorado 10th District Court, Criminal Fraud, Violations of ABA Rules

Edward C.Hopkins Jr and Alexandra V. Tracy-Ramirez of Hopkinsway PLLC are dishonest attorneys reported for attempting to deceive the Colorado 10th District Court by way of dishonest, misleading and fraudulent representation. There are concerns that these attorneys may be guilty of the crime of criminal fraud. These ...

Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Think Computer Corp, Think Computers, Aaron Greenspan Horrendous Attempt to Profit from Sensitive and Private Information!

This is reposted from ripoffreport. Do a ripoffreport search for and you will see all the complaints. This guy Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a 33 year old ASSHOLE!! AARON GREENSPAN IS AN INTERNET SCAM ARTIST! Below is a repost: Sick attempt by Aaron Jacob Greenspan, the owner of the website to ...