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Aschere Energy
Oil well investment Ripoff

I was lied to by the company about the oil wells I was investing in. The salesman told me that the group of wells were already in place and the first one was weeks away from pumping oil. He convinced me to transfer my IRA account to Aschere to cover the investment, with the promise of substantial returns. Needless to say, the ...

Size Genetics
Scam and unsafe

To the other complainer's report, it's not that the springs were stuck, the tension they run with in their devices are WAY too high for effective penis enlargement. I had the same issue (not being able to use properly as a result as the tension caused too much pain and discomfort) and after repeated emails and attempts to ...

Deceptive advertizing

On Jan 13, Panera emailed me that they had loaded my Panera card with a $5 “Reward” to try their “Fast Lane Kiosks”. The so-called “reward” was valid for 2 weeks. I made a special trip to the Panera near my house. The mgr there had no clue what I was talking about. The folks at Panera’s toll-free “customer service” number ...