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I'm Guillermo & searching for a real money making program in the internetI'd been cheated, burned and lost a lot of money looking for the right programThen, one day, I came across a website (MTT or claiming to promote any sites in 4 months, with guaranteed earnings of $100,000.00, and only then, will they ...

Julian Frisk
, Afeez Kukoyi, Olaolu Oyebola And Matt Johnson False checks for false transactions, ripoff to the maximum, scam artist (s), $8,900 lost for false business proceedings SE5-0YP

I received an e-mail from Julian Frisk stating that he wanted to have me forward his "Julian and Afeez Artworks" business money to him in the United Kingdom and that I would be able to keep 10% of the check that was sent to me. The check came from North Park Lexus of San Antoni in San Antonio, Texas. It was a fraudulent check ...