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Wahum Fabrics And Textiles
Offered bogus job exchanging money to avoid higher taxes Refused to give a reply to my questions Ripoff

I dont know how they got my email address but the following job offer came to me and sounded odd so I emailed asking for more information but the only response I received was a "contract" asking for more of my personal info. When I called the # listed, it goes straight to an un-named voice mail. Here is what they sent me: Dear ...

Square Trade, Robert Mingican, Dennis Bossworth, Stefanel Milson, Michael Stiller
Square Trade, Robert Mingican, Dennis Bossworth total ripoff on honest college senior eBay Square Trade Transaction Started

It was smelly from the beginning. He contacted me saying that the auction had closed could not contact the winning bidder. The item number he provided in the e-mail led me to an eBay auction that was still in progress. N He even threw in "free" shipping to sweeten the deal. The funny part is, the seller's eBay ID has an ...