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ABSA Idirect is so not interested in dealing and resolving the Idirect Car claims. They give them to a Lady called Gladys Seeri to "investigate" though they call it "validate" she does as she wishes and with her own pace and once she handles your claim NO one else is going to help you. Not even her bosses, She seems to wield so ...

Enough with ABSA

Hi, I am very angry with absa credit card department at the moment. My agreement payment date is the 15th and when the 15th comes on an a Sunday why do I get letters and taken to arrears for something which I had agreement with them. And it's not like I didn't have money in the account but they choose to take me as if I'm not ...

Expects client to know procedures

I went to ABSA for the first time in years today. It was packed. Only 2 teller serving customers. After an hour I get to the teller. I asked why only 2 tellers was working on a month end Saturday. She said if I have a complaint I must speak to the manager. Left it there. I give her the money to deposit and the account number. ...

Thanks for a great attitude!

I would like to thank the consultant of teller 11 for his professionalism and assistance on Saturday morning, 21 February 2015. The consultant is showing a great care to customers and thanks to his assistance, an overdue amount of bank charges was transferred back to my account on Monday! I am happy to note that there are ...

ABSA CPU link - Credit check

Dear Absa Transunion has now told me that a credit check has been done. With the title ABSA CPU LINK DE JAGER YM 00003289800, this is very concerning since I has a case of identity. Absa is aware of this but no one has contacted me with regards to who has done the check and why it was done. Can I please get some feedback on ...