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Afni, inc
Afni - i afni collections sent me a bill from AT&T for 92$. I know i never had AT&T but to make sure i called AT&T myself gave thm my social security number and they said i never had an account there

Afni collections sent me a collection letter with AT&T as creditor. I know i never been an AT&T customer andi called AT&T myself to ask them about it. Because im paying off debt to buy my first home. So i gave the AT&T GUY MY SOCIAL seurity number and he said i dont owe them anything ever. Meanwhile the afni customer service ...

AFNI sent me tax papers

I received a letter from AFNI today and inside with the letter was an IRS 1099 form that they wanted me to fill out and return. At no time did they ever say how much I owed them. I had dealt with them more than a year ago when they tried to collect a debt that they said I owed which I disputed. I had not heard from them again ...