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Festiva Adventure Clu
Festiva Adventure Club - Lied to and CHEATED... Thought I was buying a the "Cadillac" of Places to stay and travel choices to use. Don't even get a place to stay let alone anything else!

We have had our membership for a few years now. We were basic members and we could not get into the resort we wanted when we wanted to travel. We lost points because even though we called before the deadline to bank them we were told the banks were all full and were not accepting any more points... We were very upset about ...

The absolute worst

Lies, excessive fees. Once they they get your money your on your own. Mislead people on rewards and or perks. Resort smells like mold. I wouldn't give me worst enemy a timeshare with this company defiantly lie or try to confuse people with their high pressure sale tactics. Say its and one time offer when in fact it isn't you ...

Festiva resorts lie and harass

We went to a presentation at Church Street Inn. Salesman said we could opt out any time at no cost. He called the timeshare we owned, got a price, and told us he trading our old timeshare for Festiva's. Paid about $2000 and got a bill from the old timeshare for maintenance fees. Called them and, of course, they knew nothing of ...

Festiva experience, WORST EVER!

Initial purchase was delivered with nothing but ways to take advantage of the vacation packages, and within 2 months I noticed that the actual method was not what was delivered in the sale. I then decided to try a weeks vacation after paying for almost 1 1/2 years and was forcefully convinced that the initial amount of points ...