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Mama's pies

Hi, I'd like to bring to your attention that the price for a box of mama's pies is R75. It's usually my favorite meal. I was really disappointed after baking a box of the roasted chicken flavor. To my surprise it was empty inside with little sauce. Just to mention not all were but 4 of them had no chicken on it. Not sure if it ...

Mama's Pies
Disgusting pies

I bought 3 boxes of 2x pies; chicken & mushroom, steak & kidney pepper steak. This will be the last time I buy Mama's pies, cause everytime I do I'm disappointed. Firstly, the pastry dough has a stodgy texture and also sticks to the foil tin. Secondly, the filling is measly. And thirdly, the little filling you get is made with ...

Mama's Pies
Empty Pies?

Today I had exactly the same experience, we purchased a box of Mama's pepper steak Pies and popped them into the oven. As I began eating mine, I couldn't find any steak, lifted the top of the pies off and mine had 2 tiny pieces of meat and my husband's had none, just gravy. I have a picture of this and qiah I could upload it. ...