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Hospital bill

I had a procedure done at this hospital last year. I had a R500 co-payment that my medical aid didnt cover. I have payed off this amount, and I am still getting warnings and letters from them. The first payment was allocated incorrectly, I emailed them and rectified. Obviously - not correctly I have emailed this lady and she ...

Incompetent nurses

It is one thing that the service level of this country has gone down but we cannot afford this in private hospitals where people work with human lives. Due to the incompetence of the staff we are now in a situation where our family member is in icu. The nursing staff did not take care of her and when confronted they said they ...


Im very disgusted by how this particular doctor at christian barnard hospital deals with account billing, ive been receiving DEBT text messages from them that is affecting me emotionally as it makes one feel bad. 1. Discovery agreed to pay the account if they send a clinical report 2. I called to ask for one to be told by ...

Incompetent staff

I am utterly disgusted by the netcare accounts department. I am currently with discovery medical aid. I has tried without success to get someone in the accounts department to take me seriously and handle my complaint properly. I am highly irate because i was taken to hospital using this ambulance service, everything was to be ...

Netcare Medical Scheme
Unpaid accounts

So this is what has been happening. I got authorisation for Orthodontic Treatment. Full payment will be made. I then started my treatment. A few months down the line they stopped paying. It was a major struggle to get them to pay again, but they finally did. Now once again they stopped paying. When I confronted the situation ...