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Norton Antivirus
Price Gouging

Last week I my Norton 360 was up for renewal. I had been monitoring your web site for the price of a new "Norton Security for 5 devices". Leading up to my expiration date, the price was one thing. The day my subscription expired, the price suddenly jumped. The day after I renewed my Norton 360, the price of Norton Security came ...

Norton Antivirus
April 28,2015

Norton Automatically debited $64.19 from my bank account. They said that I had signed up to automatically renew my subscription. I know this is not true because I NEVER automatically renew anything. I shop around ALWAYS for the best price. My previous subscription price was $32.09. One of the first options on their phone system ...

Norton Antivirus
I'm done calling India

It has finally reached a point that I am no longer doing business with ANY US based company that is outsourcing it's customer support overseas. Don't get me wrong; I am not holding this against the people overseas that are probably just doing the best they can as well - but after having dealt with failed call backs, ...