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Debit order

My loan account was handed over to the attorneys. I was offered discount if I paid off a percentage. Wich I did I paid the amount on 6.11.2019 and on the 11.11.2019 the debit order for the loan came off. The lady from the attorneys office assured me after the loan was settled the account will be closed there will be no movement ...

Standard Bank
Bad service

I had to stand in 3 queues to find out that you froze my account. I have received no communication from the bank that my proof of residence suddenly was missing. I hate this bank. And they are doing this in the worst period, month end. Now I have to wait for a consultant to unfreeze my account ...

Standard Bank
Outstanding authorisation complaint

For 3 months i had been having a problem with cheque card, everytime i shop anywhere using my cheque card for payment, the transaction goes through on my updates as paid through but in reality the transaction is outstanding, i swipe i goes through but the balance reflected is not the true reflection of my account balance each ...

Standard Bank
Student loan

My father is a standard bank private banking costumer so when i finished matric, my Dad encouraged me to get a loan from standard bank. It first it all went great. They notified me with each uploaded document and when the loan was received for processing. This was on the 12th of December, i called on the 5th of January and no ...