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I was in the drive thru at the cookout on western blvrd when I saw an African american male with a black cookout shirt about 5'6 cursing at employees when it didn't seem as if they were doing anything wrong he also pushed an African America female with glasses to the wall I don't know if they were playing but my food was also ...

Sydney JDM Garage
Faulty Diagnosis of problem 1st, Fault installation timing belt 2nd time resulting in $4000 engine damage, N. S. W.

JDM Garage was paid to supply and fit a new timing belt kit on my Subaru Liberty wagon AWD in January 2013. As a result of incorrect installation, and the consequential damage incurred, my car exploded 4 months later. This resulted in the negine having to be taken out, all the valves replaced, $4000 worth of damage and 10 days ...

Sydney So Sweet
Jay C Greenlees, Jennifer Greenlees Continues to illegally use other company's trademarks, images, UPCs, photos, to steal sales and make money on amazon, and internet.

Sydney So Sweet continues to illegally use trademarks not their own to sell their rip-off versions of products. Said company continues to buy cheap junk from China, find popular brands, use the trademarks, photos, UPCS, and resources of those brands without any permission to make money. Sydney So Sweet does so knowingly, as ...