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DHL Great when spoon fed

If you do a re-direct, or something comes up, DHL is not for you. They do not have the resources or capabilities to fix it. You will be stuck in their loop. I have experienced this time and time again. It shows the company is not one you want to deal with. All claims of how great they are on their web is nothing but a marketing ...

Plain and Simple: Do Not Ship with DHL

This is my second time trying to ship with DHL and I should have learned from the first time. This should be their slogan: "Slow inefficient service with an attitude" When should you ship with DHL? 1. If you don't need your items for at least a month 2. If you want to speak to their "customer service" department 4 or 5 times ...

False promises and lies!

DHL has not changed or learnt from its' past mistakes! It still provides service! They told me that an urgent parcel could be delivered on Saturday morning to an address in Vienna. I asked for confirmation of this THREE times, and the answer was the same: OF COURSE they could deliver the parcel on Saturday morning, at a cost ...