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Review about Xfinity from Scappoose, Oregon

I am so sick of Comcast. 3 no show appointments. Lost appointment in system. Cancelled. Supposedly due to me needing to physically have the equipment before installers can come. So 3rd (1-2 hour long phone calls and near stroke) a lovely man, so kindly ordered equipment. All equipment mailed to me. With an appointment set up ...

Good service, but pricy

Really, I just wish it was cheaper. I have the triple play, 105 MB internet, phone. I never have any problems. I built my own pfSense router, hooked it up to the Arris cable modem, and I just don't have any problems. I see a lot of people here having problems, and the only thing I can say is that I would like to spend less. My ...

Abusive Customer Service

We recently sold our home. As a result, we needed to change our service (s). I wanted to keep our current email address for a while and get rid of the services no longer needed. Ie TV, High Speed Internet etc. The service at Comcast was border line abusive. First, I called 5 times and could not get anyone. I then tried their ...

Review about Modem from Atlanta, Georgia

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with comcast CS in PI only to be told I needed to drive to my local Comcast office and get a new modem. Venus who tried to help me obviously was not trained and kept asking me to try the same procedure. I pay for technical service at my home but that would take 3 business days. My son works out ...

Business phone service

Phones lines not working for 8 days now. Losing $1,000 of dollars. Customer service should not have the word service in their name as you don't get any. All supervisors are a joke and never follow up as they say. Just one more step to aggravate you. Tier 2 reps are a joke. A fist grader has more knowledge than they do. No one ...