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Moen Faucets
Moen Faucets DEFECTIVE

We purchased a Moen Annabelle faucet for our kitchen. Within months we had a leak from the faucet that caused a pool under our sink cabinet. So we removed it and took it back for a replacement. They refused to give us anything but the same model. Within 3 months of installing the second faucet it happened AGAIN but this time ...

Moen Faucets
Wher is the service

Ought a lifetime Moen warrantied kitchen faucet. When it broke (plastic part - imagine!) the parts are shipped by Canada Post - the epitome of fast service. If Moen products are "so great" that they get a lifetime warranty it is of little use if it takes a "lifetime" to receive repair parts. Never heard of a courier service? ...

Moen Faucets
MOEN Sucks and AllState Insurance

On a Stunningly Sunny Summer September Day, back in 1994, We Proudly Built from the Ground up, and then Purchased Our New Home through the Newberry Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. You know, the Corporation that was Founded on the conviction that Every Man, Woman & Child Should Have a Decent and Safe Place to Live. Our New ...