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Non-packing of groceries in location shoprite's

Today, 06 April 2015,16h50 I had to pay R100.40 at Shoprite in Shoshanguve Crossing, so I paid with two 5cents and the cahier Tomy and his Supervisor called sis B, they refused to accept those 5 cents telling me that their Shoprite do not accept 5cents. I surely got those 5cents as a change from other retail stores and know ...

Male employees refuse to assist me with purchase

There are two male employees at the service desk at the Prospect Street Shoprite. They treat young female shoppers with such disrespect that it is mind-boggling. The two male employees refuse to help older female shoppers by telling them that they are on break or by-passing them to service a male shopper. Both employees work ...

Review about Pork Roll from Medford, New York

I am so disgusted! I shop at Shoperite dew times a week with a family of 6, that's a lot!!! I just opened a package of "Shoperite hickory smoked Pork Roll" to make for my 2 yr old and 7year old and noticed there was peices of BLUE PLASTIC throughout one of the slices!!! If I wasn't paying attention "multitasking" with 3kids I ...

Best employee at 985 Richmond ave. SI store

I have never seen an employee so dedicated to helping an elderly woman looking for an on-sale item. Vinnie overheard a conversation about ShopRite not stocking un-bleached baking flour, but only have tons of bleached brand. Vinnie took the opportunity to help the women who was calling this sale a scam by clarifying what she ...