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Lousy company

My phone went dead on June 11,2015. Called AT&T was on phone 2 1/2 hours, spoke to 9 different people. They just kept passing me off to other people, had to start my story over each time. Finally they told me my account had been closed! WHO CLOSED IT! I didn't... No one knew... I said I wanted my phone service back with my ...

Horrible Customer Service

How does one ever complain to ATT about their horrible customer service? I'm through calling the customer service number... All you get there are foreigners who speak poor English. Is there a form you can fill out and send to someone at ATT? My complaint is about an alleged "supervisor" who works in the California Billing ...

Att has no reliable customer service

After I received a notice that stated that my cell phone service would be suspended if payment was not received by end of day yesterday. Checked my bank statement and found that payments were made in May and two in June so attempted to resolve problem by calling att. Big mistake! After being shuffled from phone service to ...