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Ring switch

On 6/27/2013 I had to send my engagement ring into diamond bond. I had been having problems with diamonds falling out, I was told that my ring would return to the store 7/26/2013. I had to call the store on 7/27/2013, to verify my item was in. I was told by the store manager that my ring had not come in, and that if I wanted ...

Zales jewelry is cheap.

I purchases a 900 dollar ring for my wife and totally regret it. I purchased it at north star mall, and have had to take it twice in 5 months for repairs. I wish I could return it and have never gotten in this situation. My wife wheres the ring every so often and this tends to happen more than it shouId. I will never buy ...

Sexist Coments

I was going into a Chicago mall store and over heard a conversation between 2 women standing outside the store watching employees. The conversation between them was very sexist and very bad. They were from corporate and making very sexist remarks about a young ladies attire working in the store. They were laughing and saying ...

Zales is a bunch of LIERS/SCAMMERS

DO NOT purchase anything from ANY Zales. They are a bunch of LIERS! Experience 1- Called Zales at the Altamonte Mall in Florida and asked if they had a ring and could put it on hold for me. Told the girl I would be there to pick it up in an hour. Drove 30 minutes to the store and when I got there the girl told me she "Had to ...